Emily Maynard on 'Dancing With the Stars' Is Too. Much. Emily. Maynard.

emily maynardEmily Maynard apparently feels that she's woefully lacking in the publicity department in her life. There isn't enough .... reality TV, so to speak. So she's reportedly doing Dancing With the Stars! That's right, it's a reality TV cross-over extravaganza! A spinoff as a spinoff! Emily as you've never seen her before! Bedazzled, midriff-baring tops with body glitter as far as the eye can see! High-fives all around!

Or not, thanks.


This report is brought to us by Star magazine, so yeah -- do with it what you will. But I believe it. And not just because I'm a sucker, but because if there's one thing Emily loves, it's being on TV (apparently). And if there's one thing ABC loves, it's Bachelor/Bachelorette/Dancing With the Stars crossovers (Trista Sutter, Jake Pavelka, Melissa Rycroft). A mysterious, surely trench-coated source told Star: "When she signed her contract to be on The Bachelorette, ABC also had her sign on to commit to doing Dancing With the Stars." But Source didn't stop there. They continued: "Emily told me the real reason she wants to do the show is to help get herself her own talk show."

Now, I like Emily Maynard. The first time I saw her on The Bachelor, I wanted to put my arms through the TV and give her a hug. But. I sort of feel like maybe it's time to close the Emily chapter in our lives. Time to moveon.org. Time for her to ... get out of the spotlight? I don't know. She started out seeming so sweet and real, and now she's every which way we turn.

I'm sure she'll be great on DWTS. Heck, maybe she'll even win. But whaddya say we stop there, huh? As adorable as she is, I don't think the world really needs an Emily Maynard talk show.

What do you think of this? Do you like Emily?

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