Jenelle Evans Marries Courtland Rogers After 2 Months of Dating & We’re Seriously Frightened

Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers marriedIt looks like there really may be no turning back now. RadarOnline is reporting that Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are married after two months of dating. Two months. If it's true, can't say that I'm surprised. Actually, I kind of expected it.

With that said though, I really just think that this girl has gone off the deep end. Something tells me that Courtland is not a good influence. The man's got the world's most messed up tattoo, for Pete's sake. Something else tells me that if the rumored "shotgun wedding" at the Brunswick County courthouse did take place, then Jenelle really MAY be pregnant, even if she denies it.

Man do I pray for that hypothetical child.


Jenelle is "so in love" that she has to tell everyone on Facebook intimate details about her relationship. She's going with Courtland to get new tattoos. She's surrounded by controversy about whether or not she's stopped abusing drugs. She's tweeting about heading to the doctor early in the morning just looking to stir a reaction from her fans and followers. Plain and simple: Jenelle's ridiculousness is at an all-time high, and well, her actions have been even more out of control since Courtland came into the picture.

Can you even imagine bringing a new baby into this sort of toxic environment? I won't completely write off Courtland's ability to take care of a child because, well, we haven't seen him in action yet. But in my eyes, Jenelle just needs time to figure out what it is she wants for herself. I pray for her and her rumored new husband, and hope that together they can figure out what the best path is for them both.

Do you believe that Jenelle and Courtland tied the knot? Do you think she's pregnant?


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