Season 16 'DWTS' Details Are Already Making Our Hearts Pound!

DWTSThe ink is still dry on Melissa Rycroft's Season 15 winner's certificate (what? You know they get one!), and we are already talking Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars. Sweet! The date for the new season has been released. It will premiere on Monday, March 18, 2013. Get ready, people!

Obviously, the big question is who will be in this season and there are no answers yet. The all-stars season was a huge boost for fans of the show who knew the people and were excited to see them, but from a ratings perspective, it was a bit of a bust. Boo to that.

So who could they have this season? Here are five hot ideas:

  • Mitt Romney: Nothing boosts ratings like a controversial political figure (think Bristol Palin!), and Mitt (or even one of his sons) would be an awesome addition. DO IT!
  • Honey Boo Boo: She is the new hot thing right now and is totally adorable. She also loves to dance and wear sparkles. Why not? Sure, she is only 6, but there have been young(ish) dancers before. And if she is too young, make it Momma June! I would pay to see that.
  • Paula Broadwell: Sure, we are all bored senseless of the Petraeus scandal, but she is insanely athletic and awfully nice to look at as well. Plus, she would bring the controversy. Do it!
  • Dooce: How many bloggers have been on the show? NONE! So let's start a trend. I would totally watch her and I would love it. My guess is, given her success, other people would watch it, too. It might bring a whole new demographic to the show.
  • Snooki: She had a baby and made the Jersey Shore on MTV into must-watch TV. Now, she needs a new shtick, so this would be great for her and even better for the show. Bring it!

Who would you like to see this season?


Image via ABC

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