5 Signs Kate Middleton Is Having a Girl

kate middletonIt seems like we waited for a pregnancy announcement forever, but even now that we know the royal couple really does have a baby on the way, we're STILL not satisfied. (Why would we be?)

Of course we are thrilled over the exciting baby news, but now we are dying to know whether Kate Middleton is expecting a baby girl or a baby boy -- or possibly both? (Yes, there is some speculation that Kate's severe morning sickness could be a sign of twins.)


Though there's a very good chance we won't know the sex of the royal heir until his or her birth, the UK parenting site, BabyCentre, is predicting that Kate is pregnant with a baby girl.

They examined a few criteria before determining that Kate and Prince William will likely be decorating their nursery in pink instead of blue.

In addition to their ages, the site indicates the fact that they live together makes them more likely to produce female offspring. (Huh. Don't most people expecting a baby live together? And don't some of them wind up having boys?)

Also, William's stressful job as a search and rescue pilot could mean a girl is on the way, because men with stressful professions are more likely to have girls.

Lastly, Kate's thin frame was taken into consideration, as women who diet give birth to girls more often than boys.

Hmm. Interesting. When I was pregnant, my husband and I lived together, and he had a pretty stressful job, and I was also pretty thin when I conceived, and guess what? We wound up having a baby boy.

And there were even a couple more old wives' tales that told us we were expecting a girl before our baby's sex was confirmed at my 20-week ultrasound.

Have you ever heard of the "ring test"? Where you tie your wedding ring to a string and then dangle it over your belly. If it moves back and forth, you're pregnant with a girl, and if it does in a circle, you're expecting a boy.

Yep, mine went back and forth. (Ring test fail.)

And my mom also predicted that I was having a girl based on the size of my ass when I was almost four months along. She said since it was "big and spread out," it meant I had a baby girl on board. Well, obviously she was wrong. (I guess my ass simply looked big because I have a big ass.)

Bottom line, the old wives' tale tricks are fun, but you really can't rely on them. Nobody really knows whether a boy or girl is on the way until an ultrasound or the baby's birth confirms it.

But despite my experience with my own pregnancy, for some reason my gut is telling me Kate IS having a girl. (Or maybe I just want her to be preggo with a girl because I know she'll pick out the cutest baby clothes ever.)

Did you try to predict the sex of your baby?


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