Kim Kardashian Distracts From Cold Sore With Tight Dress

kim kardsahianKim Kardashian's been having a rough week. First her trip to a milkshake stand in Bahrain caused a riot (and not in a good way -- people were protesting her presence), then she was photographed in the Miami airport with a cold sore on her lip, prompting people to cry "herpes", and then her brother had to go and make a fool of himself on Twitter. So how does a girl like Kim turn her frown upside down? By dressing to kill, apparently.

Kim was spotted visiting a friend in Miami a few hours after she landed with "the herp", and looked fierce and cold sore-free in a clingy brown dress that showed off every last one of her most famous curves.


Just hours before, her face was all broken out and rumors of herpes started flying around with reckless abandon ... so this is quite the transformation, isn't it? Amazing what some makeup can do. She looks like a brand new woman, and probably feels like one, too.

Though, that said, she wasn't smiling at all, so maybe she's still a little bummed out about the negativity surrounding her. That, or she didn't want to smile and crack the layers of foundation on her face that were covering up the blemishes. I'd imagine one chink in the armor and her entire visage could come crumbling off.

For her third outfit of the day, Kim chose pleather leggings, a patterned tunic, and a wrist-full of gold jewelry. Once again, the reality star appeared cold sore-free in this get-up, even during the stressful, sweat-inducing task of shopping for shoes. Now that's skill.

A great outfit and some even better makeup can truly transform a person, and no one seems to understand this more than good ole Kold Sore Kimmy. (Sorry, I had to.)

Do you use makeup and clothing to boost your mood?


Photo via Splash News

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