John Travolta's Former Pilot Is Suing for Right to Blab Freely About 'Gay Affair'

It's been a rough year for john travolta John Travolta and his sexuality -- and unfortunately a new lawsuit over this whole "gay" business means it's far from over. With all the back and forth over the last year, I am honestly more confused about what John Travolta is than ever now.

He's gone from having alleged gay affairs with his servants, to his so-called friends "outing" him and then recanting, and finishing off with Kirstie Alley last month calling him "the greatest love of her life" and no way could he be gay. As icky as it was for Alley to dish on those personal details, at least we left off with some type of verdict. Until now, because that former pilot Doug Gotterba, who claimed to have an affair with the actor in the '80s, is still refusing to let the rumors die and is suing the actor for the right to tell us more!


If Travolta was having sexy time with this Gotterba guy, I honestly don't know what he ever saw in him. Gotterba either needs to get over it already or stop trying to cash in on a ruthless, untrue rumor that could ruin the reputation of one of Hollywood's most respected actors, not to mention his family life.

This time, Gotterba is suing Travolta over claims that he signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting him from saying anything about anything that happened to involve Travolta's private life. Travolta's lawyer apparently sent a threatening letter to Gotterba warning him that he better shut it, claiming he signed that paper along with his "termination" agreement.

But Gotterba said he did no such thing -- and that's why he's suing. Because this guy really, really wants to talk about what he and Travolta did (in real life or just in his mind, who knows) for a book or movie or whatever.

To which we say, who cares? I would not read that book or see that film. It's just not that earth-shattering anymore to discover someone's sexuality is not what you thought it was. At any rate, Travolta's attorney seemed confident he'll make this lawsuit disappear as quickly as he did all those previous claims, so fingers crossed on that one for all of us and for John -- gay, straight, bi, asexual, whatever he is.

Are you sick and tired of these John Travolta gay rumors too?

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