Kate Middleton & Prince William's Unborn Baby Is Already on Twitter

Kate MiddletonYup. These days it takes just a hot minute for someone to create a fake Twitter account after just about anything happens. (I'm still a huge fan of @SarcasticRover, who still regularly tweets back from Mars.) And the announcement yesterday that Kate Middleton is finally pregnant was no exception. Say hello to @RoyalFetus.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of the royal pregnancy, @RoyalFetus sprung up and has been tweeting from "inside a princess." The account has more than 10,000 followers. What does the world's most famous baby have to say? So far the royal baby is kind of a jerk.


That's usually the point of the fake Twitter account though, so let the jokes roll. It's pretty funny, I confess. There's this one.

Royal Fetus

Right now, emoticons are the closest thing I have to a face. :-) :-/ :-$

And this one.


I may not have bones yet, but I'm already more important than everyone reading this. #royalbaby#sorry

The best one, however, was posted on April 29, 2011, on the day of the royal wedding.


Coming soon, literally...darling ;-)

That is some serious dedication to a joke. Whoever set up this account sat on it for a year-and-a-half, just lying in wait for the day the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they'll be parents. If you've been wondering what it's like to be inside a princess (which, gross?), apparently it smells like gin, baby powder, and carrots.

There's a rival fake royal baby Twitter account that plays on the British spelling of fetus: @RoyalFoetus. That one's got more than 6,000 followers so far, but its creator set it up just yesterday.

God, I love the Internet.

Are you going to follow @RoyalFetus on Twitter?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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