Kate Middleton Is Having Twins & Other Things Her Morning Sickness Could Mean

Kate MiddletonWhile the initial pregnancy announcement from the royal couple was undoubtedly one of the most exciting things we've ever heard, it's hard not to be pretty concerned after hearing that Kate Middleton was hospitalized for acute morning sickness -- or hyperemesis gravidarum in medical terms.

Ugh. Don't you feel just awful for her? The poor Duchess should be smiling from ear-to-ear and accepting congrats and well wishes, but instead she's lying in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV and doing her best not to lose her lunch. (That must really suck.)

The unpleasant condition she has affects 2 percent of pregnant women, and while it supposedly isn't harmful to the baby, it's definitely no picnic for the mom-to-be.

And oh yeah, one more thing -- acute morning sickness may occur more often in women who are carrying twins.


Yes, twins -- as in there's a chance that having bad morning sickness could mean Kate is pregnant with twins instead of just one baby.

OMG. What should we do to celebrate? Should we have a party or invite all our friends over for a traditional afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and all kinds of other goodies?

Ok, ok, relax. I'm just kidding. (Sort of.)

It would be super amazing and over-the-top exciting if Kate and Prince William wind up with twin royal heirs, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, here.

I mean, she could be suffering from really bad morning sickness simply because she's pregnant and she's one of the unfortunate women who wind up praying to the porcelain god each morning.

And aside from that, morning sickness can also indicate other things besides a twin pregnancy.

Some say that it's a sign of a really healthy pregnancy and a decreased risk of miscarriage, which actually makes being sick as a dog a good thing.

There is also an old wives' tale that says those who have morning sickness are likely pregnant with a baby girl. (There may be some truth to this one. I had a boy and never felt nauseated or puked during my entire pregnancy. Not even once.)

Heck, there's even a study that says moms who experience morning sickness may go on to have smarter kids. (Annddd the final point goes to Kate Middleton.)

But whatever the reason for Kate developing such horrible morning sickness, hopefully she'll start feeling like herself again once she's past her first trimester. It would be such a shame if she spent most of her pregnancy holed up in the privacy of her own bathroom!

Do you think morning sickness can signal twins, a baby girl, or something else about the pregnancy?


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