Man Wearing Prince William Mask at Hospital Is Just a Taste of What's to Come (PHOTO)

prince william maskKate Middleton has a royal fetus in her body, so you know what that means: Publicity opportunities all around! Prince William went to visit his wife, who's been hospitalized with extreme morning sickness, at King Edward Hospital-- Wait a minute! That isn't Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. That's a dude in a puffer coat wearing a William mask! What a cheeky little monkey!


Apparently, the incident -- yes, this is real; someone actually did show up at the hospital wearing a mask -- was all in good fun. The man approached the hospital uncannily disguised at Prince William, and was quickly escorted away by police. He reportedly didn't appear surprised to be confronted by cops, and "good-naturedly" gave up when they approached him.

Dude just wanted his 15 minutes. And because the Internet is nothing if not a giant hole of magnanimity, he got it.

During the next nine months (or is it seven? How far along is she?), I think we can expect to see puh-lenty of shit like this. Remember the months leading up to the royal wedding? This will be like that times two. (There's an heir in there!) There's already been computer-generated images of what their son or daughter will look like for god's sake.

Hopefully, the Duke and Duchess have a good sense of humour, or don't read anything ever at all. 'Cause it's gon' be an obnoxious few months for them.

Are you excited for William and Kate?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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