8 Heartwarming Celebrity Christmas Quotes Guaranteed to Fill You With Holiday Cheer

Jeanne Sager | Dec 12, 2012 Celebrities

Christmas lightsSo you got your list in to Santa. You baked your cookies. And you still need a dose of holiday spirit to fill you with glad tidings? How about a hearty helping of heartwarming Christmas quotes from some smart celebrities to make you merry?

Culled from our favorite Christmas carols and our funniest comedians, these sweet sayings out of Tinsel Town are the sorts of things we always mean to say but never seem to get out. From the likes of the hilarious Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia!) to John Lennon, they cover everything from kids on Christmas morning to the kindness that comes out of everyone's pores this time of year.

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Which quote is your favorite?


Image via Jo Naylor/Flickr