Chris Brown’s Twitter Relationship May Be More Dysfunctional Than the One With Rihanna

Chris Brown
Back at it again, in more ways than one
I’m not above admitting I was wrong. As a writer, it comes with the professional territory and as a fallible human being, you’re not living if you’re not making and acknowledging at least one muff-up a day. So here’s mine: I at one time vehemently defended Chris Brown because he was, not too long ago, a kid. He was brimming with the kind of immaturity typical of a boy his age and though he had made some deplorable moral missteps, I didn’t see any resolution in vilifying him and tossing him to the torch-and-pitchfork bearing masses. He was like 19 at the time. Too young to be just given up on. Heaven knows I’m glad folks didn’t write me off at that age, whatever dumb crap I was doing. Oh yeah, that’s right. I was knocked up. OK then, moving on.


I thought, in the right hands, he could be rehabilitated and spared from the fame monster that churns out so many world-class jerks and likened him to some of the knucklehead young men in my own family who have done stupid, thoughtless, sometimes even criminal things when they were running wild but were ultimately groomed into productive, compassionate, even conscientious members of society.

But it’s clear that Chris doesn’t have the kind of support in his camp that would nurture that change in him. As such, he’s been on a consecutive streak of acting like a whole ass for years now. Turns out, despite my starry-eyed defense of him, that he’s just an unsavory character, the kind of guy I pray that my friends and my daughter avoid like cheap dates and brown drinking water. Twitter has been center stage for his flagrant arrogance, which unfortunately is the sum of his personality. Sigh. Hopes dashed.

So by now you’ve heard that he got into a heated altercation with comedian Jenny Johnson and, in a grand flourish of temper tantrum-ism, shuttered his Twitter account. She instigated the 140-character fight fest by commenting on a pic he posted of himself captioned with a reflective contemplation on how old he’s looking—and Lord knows I’ve been bemoaning the same thing because at the very least, that man used to be bona fide (albeit underage) cutie. Tempers flared, as they tend to do in celebrity social media beefs, however random and awkward, and he closed Twitter shop in a show of finality, leaving millions of followers lost and turned out.  

That was like a week ago, not even. And like any true social media-addicted narcissist, he’s back. Yes! Those superfans who made it their personal business to bombard Johnson with hate tweets and derogatory (if not grammatically disastrous) messages can breathe a hefty, collective sigh of relief. His first course of action was to circulate Instagramed pics of him and Rihanna together because, you know, they just can’t get enough of their own train wreck. Within the flash of an online minute, his follower count was back up to the 11 millions, no doubt enhanced by folks getting on board in anticipation of the next great Twitter debacle courtesy of the C.B. celebrity machine. So far, there’s only been the cryptic tweeting of “#carpediem,” a mantra that seems to undergird his unfortunate behavior. And so we wait.

I guess we can expect more homegrown photography of his on-again girlfriend, who seems to be the only person who can complement his unique brand of crazy, and more verbal smackdowns directed at anyone who even hints at being opposed to him. True artistry requires the ability to process criticism, as does being in the public eye, but Chris didn’t get memo. He can now get the tweet, though.

Do you or your kids follow Chris Brown on Twitter? 

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