Khloe Kardashian Was 'Wasted' at Her Wedding & That's Why We Love Her

khloe kardashianIf you've been pulling an all-nighter, studying for a test -- a test that has the question "Who is your favorite Kardashian?" on it, here's a tip: Khloe recently admitted to being "wasted" at her wedding. 'Nuff said, right? Wetpaint recently talked to Khloe about her X Factor hosting gig -- and about how her co-host, Mario Lopez, is about to tie the knot -- and Khloe mentioned how Lopez is all about the wedding planning these days. She said: "He's really into weddings right now, which is great. He's like, 'What time did you cut the cake?' I'm like, 'I don't know, I was so wasted at my wedding.'"

I mean, come on, people. How can you not love this woman? Even if you're anti-Kardashian?


I'm definitely one of those people who love/hate the Kardashians. Will I watch their shows? Yes. Will I like them? Yes. Will I like that I like them? No. But even in spite of my Kardashian self-loathing, I do think Khloe's genuinely cool. And not because she gets hammered at weddings -- including her own. But because she admits it. I know Kim doesn't drink, but even if she did, I feel like she would never cop to being "wasted" at her own (sham) wedding. And jury's out on what Kourtney would do.

I know we use this joke often, but this time, I'm serious: Khloe: She's just like us. She really is, guys! And not because she gets hammered at weddings, because she's cool. And so are we. BOOM!

Who's your favorite Kardashian?


Image via Michael Stewart/Getty

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