Kim Kardashian, Elections & iPhone 5 Top Yahoo's Most-Searched List

ElectionWell, you'd have to have been living under a rock if you didn't spend most of 2012 inundated with talk of the 2012 presidential election or Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 5. A very big rock somewhere on an island that magically had no communication with the outside world. The election, the iPhone 5, and famous-for-what-exactly Kim Kardashian grace the top of Yahoo's list of most-searched terms in 2012.

It's just the third time in the 12 years that Yahoo has been compiling the list that a news event was the year's most popular search term. In 2010, "BP Oil Spill" had that honor. In 2009, it was "Michael Jackson's death," which I guess counts as a news event. Last year we were iPhone-obsessed. What else were we searching for?


Here's Yahoo's top 10:

  1. Elections
  2. iPhone 5
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. Kate Upton
  5. Kate Middleton
  6. Whitney Houston
  7. Olympics
  8. Political Polls
  9. Lindsay Lohan
  10. Jennifer Lopez

It's not surprising when you think about what a monumental election season we had this year that we'd be seeking information on that more often than we searched for celebrity gossip, although the list is celeb-heavy (RIP, Whitney Houston). I think perhaps I have been the one living under a rock because if you put a gun to my head right this second and said, "Who is Kate Upton??? Answer me or I'll shoot!" I would probably wind up shot.

What am I surprised isn't on the list? I guess "elections" covers a lot of ground, but I'm surprised Mitt Romney or Barack Obama didn't make the top 10. Or Michelle Obama, for that matter. Weren't there millions of men searching for Fifty Shades to figure out what their wives were reading? No Hunger Games? Honey Boo Boo? I guess we found out all we needed to know about those things in other ways.

Let the end-of-year list flurry begin!

What did you search for most often in 2012?


Image via DonkeyHotey/Flickr

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