Kate Middleton Pregnant: 20 Royal Baby Names for Her Little Prince or Princess

Kate Middleton is pregnant! Okay, you probably already know that. This is the first direct succession royal baby in 120 years who will get to meet its great-grandparent who still rules. Presumably (knock wood). So now we can all stop obsessing about when Kate will get preggo and return our attention to more important matters. Like what they'll name the baby!

You can be sure there won't be any Princess Blue or Prince Pilot Inspektor for Kate and Wills. But neither can they willy-nilly pick any royal name. There's the reputation of the name and where it fits in the royal line to consider. Lots of pressure on this couple to come up with the perfect name. Which is why I helpfully wrote this baby name list up for them! (No need to thank me, guys.)

Herewith are 20 baby name ideas for the Future Royal.


Little Princess

Elizabeth Elizabeth is an obvious choice, given that its a longtime royal name and also the name of William's grandmother, The Queen. It's also Kate's middle name.

Catherine Nothing wrong with naming the baby after momma.

Carole This is Kate's mother's name.

Harrietta/Henritetta The couple could show their affection for deployed brother Harry (a.k.a. Henry) with the female version.

Victoria One of the great royal names of all time, she is the longest reigning British monarch.

Jubilee Not exactly a royal name, but there are examples of royals getting a little crazy with names (such as William's cousin Zara). The couple became pregnant in the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Diana An obvious choice and one that would surely be popular with the public -- though not so much with the Royal Family, I imagine.

Georgina George was Prince William's great-great-grandfather.

Philippa Philip is Prince William's grandfather and Philippa (Pippa) is Kate's popular sister.

Wallis Hey, why not give a nod to Wallis Simpson? If it wasn't for her, William wouldn't be second line to the throne. Odds: Zero.

Little Prince

William Nothing wrong with naming after daddy.

Arthur This is one of William's father Charles' middle names and a longtime royal name.

Leopold A historical royal name and it's just such a cool name!

Augustus Same deal!

Clarence There's a Duke of Clarence and I just like the name Clarence. So there.

Edward You really can't go wrong with the common royal name of Edward, and there's a little nod to Twilight in there too! (Kidding, folks.)

Philip William's grandfather, Prince Philip, is a Greek who was given permission to marry Queen Elizabeth -- provided he abandoned his Greek titles of course.

Severn Vicount Severn is a grandchild of Prince Philip and cousin of Prince William and I dig this name. Odds: Zero.

Andrew This is William's uncle and Prince Charles' brother.

Windsor It would probably raise some eyebrows to name a baby after William's royal last name (so the kid would technically be Windsor Windsor), but it's a cool name and no one calls him Wills Windsor anyway!

What do you think the royal couple should name their baby?


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