Kate Middleton Will be a Stay-at-Home Mom Whether She Likes It or Not

Kate MiddletonUnless you live under some sort of a rock and have no contact with the outside world, then I'm sure you've already heard the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant with what has to be the most highly anticipated baby in history.

And while checking out her gorgeous maternity duds and oohing and ahhing over her growing baby bump will be tons of fun, "meeting" her first child with Prince William and seeing what the newest heir to the royal throne looks like will definitely be a huge thrill.

Of course, it will also be very interesting to see how Kate adjusts to motherhood, especially since Prince William supposedly doesn't want nannies raising their baby.


A friend of Kate's says, "William is very much like his mother Princess Diana and will definitely be a hands-on dad and not rely heavily on nannies to raise his and Catherine’s children. They both try to be as normal as possible in their private lives and that of course is going to continue when they have children."

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Bam! She only announced her pregnancy a mere hour or two ago, and already, Kate Middleton has landed herself a gig as a stay-at-home mom.

And yes, I understand that Wills said he wants to be a "hand-on dad," but let's be honest -- he's the freakin' Prince for God sakes. Being a prince comes with certain duties that keep him away from home quite a bit, so as much as he wants to be a huge part of his child's life, the logistics may not exactly work in his favor. And that means if he's against the whole nanny thing (for the most part), Kate's just gonna have to stay home with the baby while he keeps up with all of their scheduled appearances.

I mean, I guess she and the baby could come along on the road with him from time to time, but traveling with a little one can be pretty tough, especially when you're headed out of the country.

No one will be surprised if Kate stays off the radar for a bit after the baby is born, but as much as we all love her, it's going to be a big disappointment if we stop seeing her out in public with William when she becomes a mom. (And I'm not sure she'll be thrilled with sitting at home all by her lonesome self either. She's not used to that sort of thing.)

Hopefully he'll warm up to the idea of having a trusted nanny for special occasions, or maybe there's a family member who can help out from time to time? (Can't Aunt Pippa step up to the plate?)

Do you think avoiding nannies will be tough for Prince William and Kate Middleton?


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