Brad Pitt’s ‘Killing Me Softly’ Is His Worst Movie Ever -- But We’ll Forgive Him

brad pitt

When I saw the headline this morning that Brad Pitt's new movie totally flopped at the box office this weekend, I was like, what? World War Z is out already, and people hate it? How could people hate zombies?! Then I figured out that no, it wasn't WWZ, it was some random-ass Brad Pitt movie no one's really heard of, called Killing Them Softly, and that it was Brad's worst movie debut ever, and people kind of hated it.

But hey, maybe if you're fancy and call movies, "films", and pay attention to awards and hype dolled out at festivals in France, then perhaps you had heard about Killing Me Softly, and perhaps you are shocked that it only brought in $8.5 million over the weekend. The rest of us regular folk are just sort of left wondering why Brad Pitt made a movie about the Fugees ...


... only to be mildly disappointed when we later discover the movie's not about Lauryn Hill's pop reggae rock band and is instead centered on three dumb criminals who try to rob a Mob protected card game. Brad plays the guy who goes after these idiots and tries to restore order.

Is this box office bomb a sign that Brad Pitt's career is drying up like Angelina Jolie's leg left out in the cold for too long? Nah. So the guy got involved in one shitty movie -- it's not going to ruin his career. I mean, look at Ben Affleck. He starred in Gigli, and yet he we still allowed him to thrive in this business. We're so forgiving, and we will be with Brad, too.

He'll be back on top soon enough when World War Z hits theaters in June, 2013. Long forgotten will be his foray into indie-crime flicks and once again Brad will reign as king at the box office.

If only Killing Me Softly co-stared zombies and had a budget of $125 million and a gosh darn marketing plan, maybe then would it have had a chance. Instead, RIP little movie. RIP.

What do you think of this, Brad Pitt's worst movie debut ever?

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