Taylor Swift & Harry Styles' Central Park Date Signals the Beginning of the End (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, baby
Taylor, Harry & a baby?
They were rumored to be an item a couple of weeks ago, and now it looks as though Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles may really be dating --especially since Taylor's friend, Abigail Anderson, (sort of) confirmed that they're a couple by "liking" a bunch of pics of them together on Twitter. (Oh yeah, that gives it away, alright.)

But it appears as though there is reason to read more into whatever is going on between Tay-Tay and Harry, because they aren't exactly hiding the fact that they're enjoying each other's company these days.

Just yesterday, Harry and Taylor were spotted strolling around Central Park and even stopped by the Central Park Zoo -- with a baby in tow. (No, I'm not kidding, as you can see.)


Apparently the tot belonged to Harry's hairstylist (how cute), and he and Taylor looked perfectly at ease with the whole babysitting thing -- which must mean they're head over heels in love and will be married by Christmas and already have babies and a dog and a house with a white picket fence on the brain, right?

Yes, I know it's a bit premature to make assumptions about their romantic intentions -- but this is Taylor Swift we're talking about.

When it comes to jumping the gun and falling way too hard way too quickly, Taylor's kind of notorious for that sort of thing.

And that's why even though they haven't confirmed whether or not they're actually together, it's probably ok for us to go ahead and start anticipating the breakup of all breakups. (This one is going to be epic, you guys.)

First of all, let's talk about their cozy stroll in Central Park. Um, didn't she try that exact same date activity with Jake Gyllenhaal, and didn't that relationship fail miserably? Yeah, it's probably best for Taylor to avoid repeating dates if possible. (Total bad omen.)

And then there's the rebound thing -- she and Conor Kennedy just ended their romance, so rushing into another one with Harry may not be the best way to help heal her broken heart. (These things take time.)

That brings us to Harry, who is Harry Styles, for God sakes. He's probably the biggest teen heartthrob in the world right now (sorry, Biebs), and at only 18, I'm guessing he's got a good ways to go before he's ready to take a leap of faith settle down with anyone.

Oh, and one more thing -- what's the deal with Taylor going after dudes who aren't out of their teens yet? As a very mature 22-year-old woman, she'd probably have better luck with someone who is a bit closer to her own age, preferably at least 21 or so. (And we'll try and ignore the fact that she and Harry appear to wear the same size jeans, which is just weird.)

Maybe this is a bit pessimistic, but I'm smelling a disaster with this one. I'm guessing by summer Taylor will have another number one hit single based on the boy band member who didn't know what he was missing and broke her heart and will live to regret it someday.

(I'm picturing a soft acoustic ballad -- just Taylor, her voice, and a piano.)

You can see more of Taylor & Harry's Central Park date in this video clip.

Be honest, do you think Taylor and Harry will last?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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