'Sister Wives' Recap: Insensitive Kody Makes Meri Cry, AGAIN (VIDEO)

kody and meriYou know how TV shows always promote certain episodes as "very special" or "eye-opening" or whatever? Well, tonight's episode of Sister Wives really was very special. Because guess what? Turns out the Browns ain't the only polygamists going public. Nope. Tonight on Sister Wives, the Browns took a joint vacation with another plural family: The Dargers. And it was EYE-OPENING, all right. Polygamist beach party, what could go wrong?!

Well, a lot. Because for all the similarities between the Dargers and the Browns, there are lots of differences, too. Drastic differences. The kinds of differences that can hurt certain wives people's feelings when brought up over dinner, for example. And I'm not even talking about the identical twins thing!


Yup, that's the first major difference between Joe Darger and Kody Brown: Joe Darger has 3 wives, and they were all related way before the vows took place. Cause, well, Joe Darger married identical twins. And their cousin.

Now THAT'S a thought-provoking arrangement. Sadly, most of the issues you're probably wondering about went unaddressed, at least on camera. Of all the very, very interesting questions the Browns could have asked the Dargers, what they really wanted to know was: How do the wives share a kitchen without killing each other?

See, unlike the Browns, the Dargers (and their 24 children) all live in the same house. So, you know, same kitchen, same interior decorating scheme, yada yada. And while one might think that sharing a dishwasher is small potatoes compared to sharing a husband, apparently the Browns just can't handle the "too many cooks" thing like the Dargers.

"We had more problems stem from sharing a kitchen," said Kody, adding, "I have two wives who feel like sharing a kitchen is abusive."

Uh-oh. Apparently back in the day, Meri and Janelle had some serious kitchen battles. So Meri took Kody's "abusive" comment rather "personally." (Meaning she had to cry and cry and cry on the couch about it later.) And I can't blame her, really, because she just wants to speak her mind, okay? She just wants to HAVE A SAY.

In the end, Kody kinda smoothed things over, in that goofy sort of "Gawrsh, did I do that?" way he has. But still. The Dargers have a point. If you can't share a kitchen, what business do you have sharing a husband? Or maybe the Browns are actually the progressive ones?

Also, is TLC footing the bill for these HUGE houses or what? Does Kody even have a job anymore?

Do you think the Sister Wives should be able to share a kitchen?

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