Reason for Dennis Quaid Divorce: Is It Good Enough for the Kids?

dennis quaid kimberly buffington-quaidThings seemed good in JulyLooks like Dennis Quaid is getting divorced -- again. Quaid filed for divorce from his real estate agent wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, last week. The couple has been living apart for the past 6 months, and this is the third time the actor, now starring in the TV show Vegas, is giving up on marriage. He was previously married to actresses Meg Ryan (divorced in 2001) and P.J. Soles (divorced in 1983).

The couple, who has been married since 2004, has two children together, twins Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone, 4. Quaid supposedly wants joint physical and legal custody and has offered to pay spousal support.

But Quaid, 58, isn't the one who got this whole divorce ball rolling. It was Kimberly who wanted out of the marriage -- and we don't really blame her ... if what we hear is true.


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According to TMZ, it's all because Quaid is a cheater:

A source connected with the couple say 'Kimberly is fed up with Dennis' cheating and wants out of the marriage. He's not a good husband.'

Kimberly initially filed for divorce back in March, and for whatever reason, had a change of heart. But 6 weeks ago, she again filed for legal separation. Cheating is no doubt tough on a marriage. There are some people who choose to forgive and go on (hello Hillary Clinton) while others who choose to break it off. It's even more difficult when there are kids involved.

This is a couple who has been through a lot with their kids. The twins almost died shortly after birth because they were given a massive overdose of the drug Heparin at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Moms married to cheaters are in a tough spot. They have to decide between their own happiness and their children's. No kid wants their parents to get divorced. Ever. So do you fake the happy marriage thing, overlook your husband's bad behavior, and stay together for the sake of the kids -- at least until they're in college when it might be easier on them. Or do you put yourself, your feelings, and your needs first? It can't be an easy decision to make.

The good news in all this for the children is that so far there is no nasty custody battle a la Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. It seems Quaid and his ex are being civilized about sharing custody and knowing that kids need both their mom and their dad. We just hope the civility continues.

Would you get divorced if your husband cheated or would you stay together for the sake of the kids?

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