6 'Twilight' Gifts to Make Robert Pattinson Fans Swoon

Jeanne Sager | Dec 7, 2012 Celebrities

Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartIt has been one crazy ass year for Robert Pattinson and his fans, hasn't it? First that whole cheating scandal, then the rekindling of the romance with Kristen, and finally (FINALLY!) Breaking Dawn 2 hit the theaters. You know what all the members of Team Edward need this holiday season?

A re-he-he-eally good gift under the tree! Might actually make up for the whole wedding news (sniff, sniff, waaaaaaaah)? The good news is we've got 'em all here, every bleeding thing your vampire-loving heart desires.

Whether you prefer things sparkly like Edward or you just want to cuddle up and imagine Robert is there with you, these Twilight gifts are sure to make your heart fill up like Bella's when she spots her favorite vampire.

Which one is your favorite?


Edward doesn't do it for you? We've got Team Jacob covered too, with plenty of gifts for Taylor Lautner fans.


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