Kim Kardashian Doesn't Deserve to Feel 'Handcuffed' to Kris Humphries

kim kardashian kris humphriesKim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' estranged marriage is like the nightmare that just won't end. For us, because we have to listen to the hairy details about how Kris and his lawyers won't give up the ghost on seeking an annulment based on fraud, and as a result, divorce negotiations continue to carry on without any sort of concrete "cut-off." And for them, because, well, despite moving on with other people and wanting nothing to do with the other, they're still friggin' married! Ugh.

As much as I wonder if this dragged out ordeal is some sort of karmic lesson for Kim -- the Universe's way of drilling it into her thick skull that marriage is no joke? -- for the most part, at this point, my heart goes out to her. As it would to any woman who felt "handcuffed" -- as Kim's lawyer, Laura Wasser, put it -- to a man she doesn't love.


Thank goodness we live in a country and a culture where we're free to love whomever we please -- and at least in some states, marry whomever we please! -- and also call it quits whenever we please! As annoying as it is that some people take marriage and divorce far too lightly, there's something to be said for the freedom of being able to end an ill-fit, unwanted marriage.

Because even if the person isn't driving you insane on a regular basis and isn't directly causing you any sort of emotional grief, not being able to fully, officially CUT THE CORD has got to be completely emotionally and mentally exhausting. There's a reason it's called moving on ... Once you're able to fully do that, you're no longer stuck, stalled, standing in place. You get to move forward.

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Kanye or no Kanye, those are all things Kim has yet to be able to do thanks to this never-ending battle to be a divorced woman. What a bummer. Fingers crossed Kris gets the message that it's time to let it go, so they can both get on with their lives.  

Do you feel bad for Kim and hope her divorce from Kris gets finalized ASAP?

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