Comedian Katt Williams Reportedly Evades Police on a Tricycle -- Now That's Funny!

Katt WilliamsLast month, comedian Katt Williams confronted a heckler at one of his shows, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members. The week before that, he was arrested in connection with a fight, in which he was accused of hitting someone over the head with a bottle. Back in October, he was nabbed on a gun violation. And in today’s installment of Katt Williams, Please Sit Your Crazy Tail Down (or At Least Take It to Rehab), the comedian took police on a relatively low-speed chase on the sidewalks of Sacramento on Sunday. On a tricycle.

We know he’s pint-sized, but a tricycle? We know he’s a loose cannon, but a tricycle? We know he’s always doing something loony, but again ... a tricycle? 


To be clear, it wasn't a Big Wheel or a Radio Flyer, though that makes the visual all the more hilarious, especially considering our dearly dysfunctional but compact Katt is probably like 5’3” at best. He made his un-speedy getaway on a motorized trike, almost mowing down five pedestrians, as cops pursued him for the second time that afternoon. Not one to take a day of rest on a Sunday, he’d already been checked for disturbing the peace at a Hyatt, but no charges were filed and he was let back out into the wild.

Hours later, police were called again when he reportedly powered his tricycle on a downtown sidewalk and, when he was ordered to stop, proceeded to zoom away at speeds that went up to 35 mph, which, for sidewalk traffic, is absurdly fast. Certainly too fast for the safety of any pedestrian innocently walking the streets and unwittingly running up against a crazed comedian on a speeding three-wheeler, that’s for sure.

Now Katt and his renegade tricycle may be facing felony evasion charges. Add that to the already existing gun violation and multiple lawsuits, and Mr. Williams is likely gonna be the headliner at the local prison talent show if he doesn't get his act together.

How many strikes is too many strikes for celebrity legal scrapes?

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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