Prince William Called ‘Douche’ of Cambridge & 5 Other Hilarious On-Air Bloopers (VIDEO)

I have a weakness for news anchor bloopers (this NSWF video is probably the funniest thing I have EVER seen on the Internet in the history of time), so I was meanly delighted to hear about a recent on-air moment that New York CBS anchor Rob Morrison surely wishes he could erase from his life: he accidentally referred to Prince William as the douche of Cambridge.

After seeing the video, however, I think Mr. Morrison is okay. It's pretty funny -- especially his horrified little giggle after the gaffe -- but when you compare it to some of the other reporter bloopers floating around YouTube, it's not that bad. I mean, at least he didn't tell Prince William to "keep f*cking that chicken."

Check out CBS's DoucheGate clip, and 5 other videos of on-air moments gone wrong:


"The douche of Cambridge."

Actually, upon second viewing I'm totally giving him a pass -- all he did was bumble "duke" and "duchess" together, and it sounds more like "dootch" than anything else. You're fine, CBS news guy! It could have been SO MUCH WORSE. For instance ...

"Jennifer Lopez blow job."

Ah, the classic moment when Fox's Shepard Smith referred to J.Lo's "block party" as a "blow job." And then he apologized for it, CREEPILY.

"Top cock."

She tries valiantly to get it right the second time, only to say "cock" even more more clearly. Awesome. Also, you'd think Shepard would have a LITTLE more sympathy.

"Serving penis."

"Glass of water? Coffee? Penis? PENIS?"

"Lost her tittle."

What I really love about this clip is that he doesn't even try and seamlessly recover right away. "OHHH, the Internet, what they're gonna do with this one! OH GOD!"

"Keep f*cking that chicken." (NSFW)

I have absolutely no idea what's happening here -- did someone lose a bet? -- but OMG, the woman's face on the left is priceless.

What do you think, does the "dootch" comment deserve to end up in the news blooper hall of fame?

Image via YouTube

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