Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy Are SO in Love -- Behold, the Evidence! (PHOTO)

Kelly and ValDuring the Dancing With the Stars finale, Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy admitted there is definitely love between them, which only made all of us at home even more curious about whether or not Kelly and Val are actually a couple or just really, REALLY good friends. (For the record, I'm not buying the friend thing.)

And so far on their post-season press tour, they've kind of skirted around the question and managed to change the subject when anyone asks them if they're dating.

They may be able to remain coy during interviews, but the evidence of their connection in this photo is pretty much all we need to be convinced that there is definitely more going on between them than simply being good buddies.


OMG!! Just look at them! This picture was taken yesterday while they strolled the streets of New York City arm in arm -- which is something COUPLES typically do, not men and women who are just good friends. And don't even try to tell me they're all huddled up because they're cold. (Shh. That's just nonsense.)

(Heck, my husband and I don't even get this close when we're out and about together.)

And aside from them being all cuddly and cozy -- don't they look incredibly happy? Val is beaming, and even though Kelly's face is covered up, she's still turned towards Val -- a classic way of saying, "God, I love this dude" in body language terms.

But supposedly Kelly wishes people would "shut up about her and Val" already, because she's getting sick and tired of having to define their relationship. (Sorry Kelly, but I adore you guys way too much to keep quiet. I'm really not a prying bi%&h. I promise.)

I don't know what exactly it is about these two that makes them different than all the other DWTS couples who have hooked up in the past, but they just are. Their connection is on a much higher level than we can accurately explain, which is why fans are going to be absolutely crushed if they aren't really dating.

Watching them interact this season was just so beautiful that it seems impossible to entertain the idea of them not being in love and staying together forever. And I'm just not sure fans will be able to get over it if whatever this thing between them is doesn't work out.

Do you think Kelly and Val will ever fess up about their relationship?


Image via Splash

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