Kate Middleton Receives Her First Baby Gift -- Talk About Pressure

Prince Wiliam Kate MiddletonPretty much everyone in the entire world is anxiously awaiting the news that a royal baby is on the way, but for crying out loud -- isn't a little bit premature to be giving Prince William and Kate Middleton baby gifts already?!?

While they were in Cambridge yesterday, Prince William was handed a baby romper (must be the fancy British way of saying "onesie") with a helicopter pictured on it, along with the inscription "Daddy's little co-pilot."

Adorable? Yes. Appropriate? Hell to the no!


While Wills was all gracious and happily accepted the token, it's simply way too early for people to be giving him and Kate baby gifts when they haven't even confirmed whether or not she's pregnant.

And yes, I realize that even if she isn't expecting yet, she probably will be sometime down the road, so they can always hang on to that "romper" for use at a later date.

But what if that date doesn't come as soon as everyone expects? Won't it be kind of a downer to have newborn attire just sitting away in a drawer somewhere?

I have a good friend whose mother started buying baby stuff right after she got married, and it drove her absolutely nuts. And when I say her mom bought baby stuff, I mean she not only stocked up on clothes -- she also purchased a crib, a couple strollers, toys, and other baby gear in preparation for the arrival of her first grandchild.

And while it was kind of sweet that she was so excited about her daughter getting pregnant, it pretty much sucked for my friend -- because she and her husband wound up having a pretty tough time conceiving.

They were finally blessed with a pregnancy a good five years after their wedding, but having to see all those baby items at her mom's house for all those years when she was struggling to conceive only stressed her out about the process even more.

Women have baby showers for a reason, and if at all possible, people should just wait until they attend those to start loading up moms and dads-to-be with presents for their little bundle of joy.

Or in William and Kate's case, they could at least wait until she's sporting a visible baby bump.

Did you receive any baby gifts before you got pregnant? How did they make you feel?


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