Emily Maynard Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Go to Ashley & J.P.'s Wedding Without a Date

emily maynardFormer Bachlorette Emily Maynard may be newly single after breaking off her "engagement" (uh huh) to Jef Holm, but she's not sittin' around crying in her Froot Loops. Hells no! She's got serious plans -- like attending Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum's Dec. 1 wedding. That's right -- she recently confirmed she's RVSPing "Yes" to the fellow ABC couple's televised "I do"s. So now of course the big Q is who she's going to be bring as her date?! Maybe NFL QB Matt Leinert who she was reportedly sending sexy texts to (even while she was still with Jef)?

Actually, according to a friend who spoke with Wetpaint, "Emily’s going to the wedding by herself. She had the option of bringing a date but decided not to." Fancy that! The Bachelorette flying solo. Well, good for her!


Attending a wedding solo can suck, but it's not like she's going to be sitting in a corner, sipping rum and Diet Cokes all by herself. As the friend notes:

She won’t really be alone, though. She knows a lot of people going who are affiliated with the show.

Well, yeaaah. And clearly, that means she's going to probably have even more of a blast that she would have if she did bring a date. Actually, attending a wedding solo when you're single can be really amazing.

Before I met my fiance, I went single sans date to my best friend's wedding, and I had a fantastic time flirting and dancing with single guys in attendance. I really don't think that would've been possible if I had brought someone. Same went for friends of ours who met when they were both single guests at a mutual friend's wedding ... They're now happily married themselves!

Sure, there's always the chance you could end up sitting alone and feeling left out, but being optimistic and and outgoing could mean having a truly memorable night -- or even meeting someone special. Kiiiinda doubting Emily will be able to do the latter at Ashley and JP's wedding, but hey, you never know! But there's no doubt, at the very least, she'll have a night to remember.

Do you agree going to a wedding without a date is a smart move for a single gal like Emily?


Image via ABC

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