Khloe Kardashian Admits the Kardashian Annual Holiday Card Is Completely Fake (VIDEO)

khloe kardashian on ellenKhloe Kardashian visited Ellen today, and of course, the subject turned to her huge, crazy, dramatic, famous family and how they're going to spend the holidays. She also dished secrets on their notorious annual holiday card. Apparently, it's not at all what it appears to be ... (Then again, what about the K fam is?!) 

Khloe admitted, "I have to be Photoshopped in. We pretend that we're always together, [but it's really] the power of cameras and Photoshop." This time around, both Khloe and husband Lamar Odom are going to be digitally inserted into the pic, and lil' sis Kendall Jenner, too, because she was sick when the rest of the family posed for the shoot. And Lamar was Photoshopped into last year's pic, as well, because "he had a game. It's hard with his NBA schedule. Damn men with a career."

Hmm ... Is it just me, or isn't this really sad?!


It's not like we actually believe there's anything that's NOT completely scripted or publicity-driven about the Kardashians. But it's still lame-o to hear that their infamous holiday family photo -- for which they do get a lot of press and they do seemingly put quite a bit of effort into every year -- is phony-baloney. What it boils down to is that they're spread so thin by their careers, they can't even figure out how to find the time to be together for their family photo shoot? I mean, what's the point of being so frickin' rich if you can't afford a plane to be with your family for something that's obviously a Kardashian tradition?

On the flipside, I guess it's great that they're so darn successful right now. Lamar is probably grateful to have his current NBA gig, Khloe's gotta be thrilled to be branching off and doing her own thing with The X Factor, and well, Kendall's absence this year was clearly a fluke.

What's more, Khloe assured Ellen:

Every Christmas, we're always together. Step-brothers, sisters, everything. All 10 kids, and then everyone's girlfriend, boyfriend, this, that.

Well, as long as they actually get in some actual quality family time off-camera, the phony-baloney stuff that goes on on-camera is no real biggie ... right?

Here's the full clip of Khloe discussing the "kard" ...


What do you think about the phony Photoshop way the Kardashians are doing their holiday card?

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