Top 8 Kim Kardashian Searches for 2012 Expose How Incredibly Nosy We Are

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is really the gift that keeps on giving. The 31-year-old reality star was the most-searched for person on Bing this year and beat out other stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus for the number one spot.

Curious what we were all searching for? Here are the top 8 Kim Kardashian searches on Google this year. (Go ahead, admit it, you totally searched for Kim Kardashian at one point or another in the last 11 months. The numbers don't lie, people!)

  • Kim Kardashian pregnant -- A lot of you out there wanted to know if ole Kimmy was with child this year; that phrase was the top Kim Kardashian related search in 2012. Real fans knew that the closest Kim ever came to being a Mom was when she considered freezing her eggs
  • Kim Kardashian website -- What, did you guys want to read her blog or something, or just look at some half-naked selfies. Either way, Kim's Celebuzz posts got a ton of traffic. 
  • Kris Humphries -- Naturally, Kim's ex-husband was a topic of interest. He kept his name in the news by sending Kanye West a subpoena in a Nordstrom box, dating a Kim lookalike, and dragging out this god-forsaken divorce
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- You guys wanted to know alllll about their sex life, their GF/BF drama, and their fashion choices
  • Kim Kardashian divorce -- She may have filed back in October of 2011, but that ish is still not settled. Kim keeps her divorce relevant by comparing it to teens with cancer, talking to Oprah, and rejecting the brilliant idea to televise the whole thing.
  • Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush -- They may have broken up years ago, but fans evidently aren't ready to let these two go. There were the rumors they were eloping, that Kim was pissed about Reggie's new baby, and that Kim, Reggie, and Kanye almost accidentally hung out together.
  • Kim Kardashian flour bomb -- This probably made the list because fans and haters alike wanted to see what happened when Kim was doused with flour. Spoiler alert! She handled it like a pro.
  • Kim Kardashian pictures -- Now we're talking. People were curious about Kim in a bikini, Kim in her underwear, and Kim's boobies.

There you have it -- the top 8 Kim searches this year. Well done, us! Think of all those web ad buys we supported. We're so generous.

Are you surprised by any of these searches?


Photo via Hollywood PR/Flickr

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