Demi Moore's New Boy Toy Relationship Is Completely Cringe-Worthy

demi moore with rumer willis daughterRumor has it Demi Moore has been delaying her divorce from Ashton Kutcher just to torture him (and his lady love Mila Kunis, likely, by extension). But that apparently hasn't kept her from moving on herself. The New York Post is reporting that sparks are flying between Demi and art dealer Vito Schnabel, who is 26 years old ... or, you know, just about half her age. He's the son of painter Julian Schnabel.

Are we all that surprised? After all, this is the woman who, by getting together with Ashton, pretty much singlehandedly made the term "cougar" a household word. And if fellow 50-something divorcee Madonna can keep dating younger and younger, why can't Demi? Well, she can ... But that doesn't mean the way she's going about it won't come off as, well, totally gross. Case in point: Demi and Vito were reportedly "dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests" at a party Naomi Campbell threw in India earlier this month, says a source. Eww.


And yes, if the gender roles were reversed, I'd still think, "Eww!" Even if there wasn't such a gigantic age difference, I'd probably think, "Eww!" Mostly because either way, engaging in over-the-top PDA with a new guy just makes Demi look so desperate. So sad. Like she's grasping at straws to make Ashton jealous, to look like she's moved on.

Not to mention that the fact that Vito's only two years older than her eldest daughter, Rumer, only seems to be a lame attempt to prove she can score someone, well, younger and hotter than her ex. Everyone can see right through it. And as far as her reputation and, heck, emotional well-being is concerned, she was better off single!

What a bummer. Because who wouldn't want to see her moving on and having a real relationship with a new man? A Bruce Willis 2.0 type, you know? Ashton and Mila look so happy ... Demi should be too! But not with this guy. Not like this.

What do you make of Demi's new "boy toy" relationship?

Image via Angela Weiss/Getty

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