'Two and a Half Men' Star Angus T. Jones Believes Obama Is Hitler & Jay-Z Has Ties to Devil

Angus JonesSo, you've heard about the craziness with Angus T. Jones, the young star from Two and a Half Men, right? He landed in the front page of entertainment news recently for participating in a video for the Christian group Forerunner Chronicles, in which he begged viewers to boycott his show: "I'm on Two and a Half Men and I don't want to be on it. Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth."

Clearly young Mr. Jones has had a bit of a change of heart recently about being the highest paid child actor of all time (he gets over $350,000 an episode), but as odd as it was to hear him trashing his own show, the story just gets weirder when you hear about the beliefs held by his new spiritual guide, Christopher Hudson.

Namely, that Obama has a pro-gay agenda just like Hitler, Jay-Z is a freemason with ties to the devil, and the NYC gas crisis may soon lead to cannibalism.


Christopher Hudson is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who calls himself The Forerunner, and he's also the man featured with Angus Jones in that bizarre testimonial video. In the video, Jones gushes that he's a big fan of Hudson's preachings:

I love watching ForeRunner Chronicles. All the information is so great ... Your videos have no doubt been a blessing to me.

The eyebrow-raising part of Jones' newfound devotion is that Hudson rabidly advocates all sorts of seriously out-there theories. For instance, Hudson claims Jay-Z is a devil worshiping Freemason, which he says can be proven by the rapper's album titled The Blueprint 3:

The blueprint albums are special markers indicating Jay-Z's progress in his obtaining degrees in the secret order known as the Freemason.

Hudson also says President Obama -- who he compares to Hitler -- has conspired with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to promote homosexuality, and that the New York City gas crisis could lead to cannibalism:

If the trucks are cut off you're going to start eating something if you don't control your appetite and your baby might start looking like a chicken wing.

I ... um, yeah. Wow. Here's a video of Hudson ranting about that last topic, if you're interested:

As for how Angus Young got involved in all this weirdness, the Daily Mail reports that he was given spiritual guidance by a married evangelist couple who are linked with Christopher Hudson. Jones himself says he found the church during a difficult period in his life, and now that he sees the light, he doesn't want to be a part of Two and a Half Men anymore:

You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can't.

Warner Bros. has yet to make any public moves about Jones' testimony, but I'm sure there are plenty of execs who are sweating bullets right now. Who could have ever guessed that another cast member would go off the deep end? Is there something in the water at the Two and a Half Men studio? I don't know about you, but I'm DYING to hear what Charlie Sheen has to say about all this.

Do you think this controversial pastor is taking advantage of Angus Jones?

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