Here’s Proof Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Hate Each Other

kristen stewart robert pattinsonThe jig is up. Now that the Breaking Dawn Part II premiere events and press junkets are all but over, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can finally show the world that they hate each other. The movie's in theaters, the money's been made, they've done their jobs, and now it's time to let the relationship facade crumble at their tired feet. Kristen cheated on Rob. Rob's pissed. They don't want to get back together and only faked it for the benefit of the Twilight franchise. It's all over. Done. Fin. Roll credits.

I mean, what else can be interpreted from this photo of them in an airport?


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They look mad. I bet they're mad because they were forced to fly on the same awful private plane together, where I bet Robert insisted on sitting in the front, and forced Kristen to sit in the back, which she probably hates, because everyone knows that the back is next to the bathroom and she totally gets mad headaches from the smell. And that awful, no good private plane was probably out of booze and "crisps", and it infuriated a sober KStew to have to listen to whiny RPattz go on and on about how much he loves his crisps, because, as far as she's concerned, they're called potato chips, damn it.

And when they got off the plane, Rob was first (because he was in the front, you see), which ignited KStew into a fire ball of fury that forced her to burn him with insults about his flat English ass and the bald spot that's getting harder and harder for him to hide.

When it came time to take the plebeian walk through a national airport, Kristen probably pushed her way in front of flat-butt, balding Rob to make sure she was the lead in all the photos. A star needs to shine, she likely explained as she hair-flipped for the paparazzi.

Clearly, Kristen and Robert have a lot of animosity toward one another. This isn't simply a photo of two 20-somethings, exhausted from weeks of travel, making their way to the safety of an SUV that would finally, finally, take them home.

No. It's hard evidence that Robsten is now Rob-squiggly-zig-zag-line-Sten. They're broken up. All love is lost. It's been real, it's been fun, the end. Laters, Robsten.

So -- casual airport pic or PROOF FORGIVENESS IS A FALLACY?!?!


Photo via Splash News

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