Dolly Parton Gay Rumors Come Out of Her Close Friendship With a Woman (VIDEO)

Dolly PartionDolly Parton is not gay and it's a real shame. The country crooner/business woman/actress/all-around super woman has been an entertainer for decades. What is amazing about her is that, in those years, she has never stopped telling the truth. So why would she stop now? The gay rumors currently swirling around her and her memoir Dream More are kind of laughable.

Parton openly chats about her plastic surgery, her marriage, and her "look" modeled after the town tramp. So the rumors that she is gay and that she and her best friend since the third grade are gay lovers are, sadly, hogwash.

Parton has long been a gay icon and been open in her support for LGBT rights. She even holds a "Gay Day" at her theme park, Dollywood. See below:


The fact is, if Dolly were gay, she'd be gay. Period. End of story. Why can't people just accept that?

Don't get me wrong, it would be awesome if she were, indeed, gay. The best thing about Dolly has always been her openness, her loving warmth to everyone, and her ability to get the job done while also being sweet. She would make a spicy and sassy gay rights advocate. But you don't have to be gay to be that! And Dolly already is.

Gay rumors are only compelling when they are about someone who is SO obviously homosexual (hello, John Travolta) and so obviously wanting to stay in the closet.

When they are about someone who would be open if she were gay, they are kind of yawn worthy. Dolly Parton is no one's liar. If she were a homosexual, she'd be open about it.

Move on, people!

Do you think Parton is gay?

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