'Twilight' Star's Outrageous Tattoo Is All About His Favorite Food (VIDEO)

jackson rathbone tattooSo here's something I never knew about Jackson Rathbone, the cutie who plays Jasper in the Twilight saga: He likes ketchup so much he tattooed it on his leg. A big, red Heinz ketchup bottle running up his calf! I would have thought it was because ketchup is a stand-in for blood, and he plays a vampire, and... that kind of works? But as it turns out, he really does love ketchup that much.

And I think that's just unfathomable. I happen to hate ketchup, for one thing. But for another, what's with tattooing food on your body? I love a lot of different foods, but I can't imagine feeling strongly enough about any particular food to actually tattoo its image on my body! But apparently Rathbone isn't the only one. Here's a few other foods people love enough to permanently stamp on their skin.


Okay, first here's Jackson explaining his tattoo. It's at 3:58, and it's super short. Basically? He just loves ketchup. The end.

Okay... And now let's see what other foods are delicious enough to ink on your body.

sweet potato

I kind of get this one: Sweet potatoes! Delicious, nutritious, loaded with butter, and it makes sense on your foot. I guess? Also, it's fair of me to point out this is a temporary tattoo. So this person's love of sweet potatoes only goes so far.

garlic tattoo

Now how do you feel about garlic? Because now that I see this, I think garlic is a food tattoo I could get behind. Or get on my behind. I put garlic is so many foods -- it's one of my essentials.

pig tattoo

The same chef has a pork tattoo. Can we still call it a pig when there's butcher's lines? Kinda looks like pork to me -- which is why  he named it "Porky." I don't know, I'm still not totally sold on the idea of tattooing food on your body, but at least pork makes more sense than ketchup!

Is there any food you love enough to tattoo on your body?


Images via Wendy Williams Show/YouTube, satanoid/Flickr, ChefMattRock/Flickr, ChefMattRock/Flickr

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