Emily Maynard's Ex Jef Holm May Have Already Fallen for Another Woman

jef holm bacheloretteWhew! Well, fans of Jef Holm don't have to feel bad for the recently single Bachelorette winner anymore, because it looks like Emily Maynard's former fiancé is moving on in a major way ... with another blonde Southern belle! Insiders are saying 23-year-old Katianna Bear from New Orleans is the new object of Jef's affection. 

Apparently, Jef and Katianna met in New Orleans. A friend of the 27-year-old entrepreneur told Wetpaint, "All I can tell you at this point is Jef likes her a lot. He even flew her to Arizona to spend a couple of days with him while he was there." And several eyewitnesses spotted Katianna, Jef and Jef’s Bachelorette co-star (and BFF) Arie Luyendyk, Jr. hanging out at a local hotspot in Arie’s hometown of Scottsdale. Cute!

It really sounds like things are heating up between these two, but already tongues are wagging about how quickly Jef seems to be moving on post-split with Emily ...


I know, really?! Give me a break! As with most reality TV show relationships, Jef and Emily's probably wasn't exactly the real-life romance we were lead to believe it was. But even if it was, who's to say what the timeframe should be for moving on from someone post-breakup?

You can't control when you're going to meet and click with someone else. I know a happily engaged couple who first started dating only a few days after the bride-to-be split from her boyfriend. She said the breakup was a longtime coming, so maybe that's why she was so ready to move on so quickly. And that's just one completely legit reason someone might move on soon after a split. 

Ultimately, if Jef's gotten lucky enough to find someone who makes him happy -- and judging from the photos of him with Katianna, it sure looks like he's genuinely happy -- good for him! Or maybe they're just getting to know one another and taking it slow. (As in not jumping right into an engagement after barely knowing each other only a matter of weeks ...) Either way, good for them. As long as he and Emily are content in their new lives apart, who is anyone else to judge?

What do you think about Jef's new relationship?


Image via ABC

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