Don't Have Kendall Jenner's Long, Lean Legs? Fake Them With These 5 Simple Tricks

kendall jennerKim Kardashian is jealous of Kendall Jenner's legs, and we don't blame her. The 16-year-old model, designer, and reality show staple covers Australia's Miss Vogue this month and looks damn near flawless. (Not that it's that hard to look perfect when you're 16 and photo-shopped, but that's neither here nor there.) Kendall's got her dad's long, lean physique and her mother's jet black hair and clear brown eyes. She's naturally beautiful -- no wonder Kim is jealous.

Even though Kim and we aren't as leggy as Kendall, that doesn't mean we can't show off our stems. With these 5 simple tricks, your gams will be cover story worthy, too.

  1. Leg makeup. It's real, and it's worth it. Sally Hansen's spray on leg makeup covers up imperfections, but is lighter-weight, and way less smelly, than self tanner. Spray all over for sheer coverage, or spot correct varicose veins as needed.
  2. If makeup doesn't do the trick, you're in luck. Pantyhose are back. Personally, I'd rather see a church burn than wear nude pantyhose, but people seem to like them. Throw a pair of those thick, shiny, nude opaque ones on and you'll not only be tres trendy, you'll be tres warm, as well. And hey, if they're good enough for Kate Middleton, they're probably good enough for us.
  3. Wear heels. D'oh! No two ways around this one. The fastest and most effective way to get long, lean legs is to put three inches between your foot and the ground. A high heel gives you the extra length and muscle definition you've always wanted. Your feet, on the other hand, won't be as happy.
  4. Do leg curls. Not, like, all the time (eww exercise), just do a few before you step into the room with your short skirt on. Any exercise will make your muscles bigger and more defined momentarily, so do a few squats then make your entrance. Pageant girls do it, soooo ... there's that.
  5. Wear shorter skirts and dresses. Here's the thing. Longer skirts and dresses hide your legs and can serve to make you look shorter and frumpier. Don't choose clothing that's too short -- you're not a tween anymore -- but something that hits about where your fingertips naturally fall along your thigh should be good. Anything that hits at your knee, or worse, your calf, is a no no.

Here's to the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

How do you like to show off your stems?


Photo via kimkardashian/Twitter

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