Kate Middleton Keeps Her Coat on Inside: What Is She Hiding?

Kate Middleton coat

Ok, everyone, it's time to get excited -- because Kate Middleton recycled her ruby-colored L.K. Bennett coat to take in a rugby match with Wills -- and we all know that Kate Middleton wearing anything and going anywhere is definite cause for celebration. (C'mon, you know it's true.)

And while the color of the coat looks gorgeous on her and makes her perfectly shiny hair and creamy complexion look even more ridiculously beautiful than usual, it's hard not to look at her wearing this thing with one key question in mind.


Um, why did she choose to keep her coat on inside? -- which leads to yet another question -- is it because she's hiding something under that coat? (And no, I'm not referring to her attempting to cover up because she's still sore over the whole nude photo scandal.)

OMG. Could the rumors really be true this time? Is Kate Middleton pregnant with a royal baby, and did that coat possibly help her keep the happy news under wraps? Using that coat as a decoy really doesn't seem all that far-fetched, because no one will question her looking a little fuller in the front due to the excess material. (She's so smart.)

Whether or not Kate and Prince William really do have a little one on the way remains to be seen, but regardless -- all moms should take note of her chic winter style, because we can use her coat trick as a way to help disguise those few extra holiday pounds.

Take the post-Thanksgiving bulge, for example. If your body reacts anything like mine does after straying from a healthy eating plan for a few days, then you've got a little extra junk around the middle that you didn't have before the big feast last Thursday. And instead of getting all bent out of shape about it while doing holiday shopping, I'm going to pull out my cute pink wool coat and throw it on over my jeans -- and this way no one will see my muffin top -- they'll just think I look polished and put together. (It's genius, really.)

Have you ever used your coat as a means of hiding excess weight -- or a baby bump?


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