'Sister Wives' Recap: Parent-Teacher Conferences Have Never Been THIS Humiliating (VIDEO)

sister wivesYet again, I feel emotionally manipulated by ... The Sister Wives. That's right, you heard me! Because at the beginning of tonight's episode, "Kody Begs for an Answer," I found myself all emotionally invested in the well-being of The Brown-y Bunch. Hey, I couldn't help it. Something about watching Kody and Meri and Janelle and Christine and Robyn suffering through the stress and humiliation of parent-teacher conferences ... well, ALL parents, polygamist or not, fear being judged by our kids' teachers when we show up for those dang things. Imagine walking into that empty classroom with your husband ... and your three sister wives? Brutal! And when the Brown kids started talking about their everyday lives and hopes and dreams and struggles -- from skipping school to becoming a famous fashion designer to desperately needing more privacy -- well, that's when I really got hooked. These are universal issues, you know? Sister Wives: They're just like us!

Except ...


When they're not. Just like us. Such as, when they're stressing and sobbing about whether or not the blueprints for their soon-to-be-built absolutely enormous adjacent homes include a wet bar and/or a hobby room.

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Um ... what are y'all complaining about, exactly?!

Then there was the drama over Robyn's late arrival to Logan's high school graduation. (Robyn was supposed to bring the camera, apparently, but by the time she got to the ceremony Logan already had his diploma and everybody was mad at her, as usual, because she's still the shiny new wife.)

Um ... haven't we all forgotten to bring/charge our cameras to some big important milestone event in our child's life at some point or another?! I think the standard/appropriate parental response in these situations is a frustrated forehead smack, not soap opera level theatrics.

Oh, and as for that answer Kody was begging for? He needs to know (like, RIGHT NOW) whether Meri wants to do the in vitro thing or not. Because make no mistake, Kody "is gonna have more kids." One way or another. You got that, Meri?

Um ... who ARE these people?

So emotionally manipulated. Yet again.

Do you have trouble relating to The Sister Wives?

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