Halle Berry's Thanksgiving Drama Could Change the Course of Her Bitter Custody Battle

halle berry thanksgivingHalle Berry is certainly having a memorable Thanksgiving weekend. It's only been two days since her ex and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested at her home on Thursday for getting into a fight with her current fiance, Olivier Martinez. Since then, it seems paparazzi have been keeping a trained eye on the actress, probably hoping she'll look seriously shaken up after the crazy series of events. But that's not what they got when they caught her out last night with 4-year-old daughter Nahla.

Halle and Nahla were seen at the Nokia Theater in L.A. enjoying the Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! Get the Sillies Out show. Smiling and getting her Dancey Dance Time on with her daughter, the 46-year-old mom looked anything but disturbed. And clearly, the appearance says a lot about how the nasty custody battle Halle and Gabriel have been locked in could play out ...


After the Thanksgiving Day altercation at Halle and Olivier's home, a judge issued an emergency protective order requiring Gabriel to stay at least 100 yards (meters) from Halle, their daughter and Olivier, according to TMZ. Granted, that could be just a temporary move, and there are probably a lot of moving parts in this custody battle -- which, by the way, has been going on since the couple split in April 2010! But there's also the fact that Gabriel will appear in court on December 13 to face charges of misdemeanor battery. Definitely not going to make him look like the more fit parent ...

At the same time, Halle has seemed so cool-headed (for the most part ... there was one clip of her yelling at paparazzi on her property, but who could blame her?) in light of the incident. Not to mention that it really looks like she's perfectly capable of blowing off the drama and prioritizing one-on-one QT with her little girl. So, although a judge ruled earlier this month that Halle couldn't move Nahla to Olivier's native France (where she was saying she hoped to raise her daughter away from what she calls the "celebrity blender" of Hollywood), it seems more than possible that in light of Gabriel's arrest, that decision could be reversed. 

Only time -- and the court of law -- will tell if a move and a life without her father would be best for Nahla. Thankfully, whether or not Halle moves her family to France, it seems safe to say the star mama's capable keeping her cool despite the stressful circumstances she and her family are sure to be facing for some time.

Do you think this incident could/should turn the custody battle in Halle's favor?

Image via IRF/Jacson/Splash News

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