Suri Cruise Spends First Thanksgiving Post-Divorce With Father Tom

Suri Cruise flew to the U.K. to finally spend some time with her daddy, Tom Cruise. They spent Thanksgiving together while mom Katie flew to Ohio to be with her family. This will be little Suri's first Thanksgiving without mom and dad in the same place (presumably -- Tom travels so much, who knows, maybe this is old hat!). After Thanksgiving, Katie and Tom will have to negotiate who gets Suri for Christmas and also for New Year's Eve and ... le sigh. Divorce.


According to the Daily Mail, Suri flew alone on a commercial flight to the U.K. to see Tom. Really?! I'm kind of doubting that, but if that's true, it's pretty surprising. It's not like Tom can't afford a private plane -- and a chaperone.

I don't want to knock Tom because I don't know him personally and I don't know what his deal is -- but this is the first time he's seen Suri in three months. He's said that he speaks to Suri frequently by phone and Skype, but still ... it must be tough on a kid not seeing one parent for so long. Then again, a lot of people (myself included) didn't have a father around at ALL during their childhood, so at least she gets to see Tom once and awhile.

Tom, Katie, and Suri aren't doing anything that millions of divorced people aren't always doing during the holidays (or even during weekends) -- figuring out who gets the kids, where the kids will go, how they will get there, how long they'll be there, etc. And lord knows these things can unfortunately get contentious sometimes -- as that T-day brawl at Halle Berry's house following her ex dropping off her daughter Nahla proved.

Tom's son, Conner, 17, is reportedly staying in the U.S. for the holidays, and he tweeted a picture of a turkey. It's not certain where his other daughter, Bella, is. I wonder if she is with mom Nicole Kidman? Or maybe she even went to see Tom?

At any rate, it's good that Suri is finally getting some time with daddy -- even though it probably won't be that much time.

Do you negotiate with an ex over time with the kids during holidays?

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