'Glee' Recap: Blaine Warbler Can't Leave!

Glee THanksgivingThe superheroes were out in the Glee Thanksgiving episode, and boy did Gleeks ever need them. Blaine Warbler went back to Dalton and got suckered into singing a Kelly Clarkson song with the blazered bunch. Worse: he found things weren't so bad on the dark side.

Those guys can carry a tune! And they're all natty dressers. But let me serve up your "thankful moment" for the evening right now.


Blaine Warbler is not leaving McKinley. Got that? He threatened to finish out his senior year at Dalton, but Blaine is sticking around.

Hallelujah. Amen!

You know what this means?

Finn might actually have a chance at leading the New Directions back to nationals! Oh, and half the viewership won't decamp for whatever else is on during the 9 o'clock hour (does anyone even know?).

Sure, OK, the love triangle between baby Puck, sexy Ryder, and sweetie Marley is shaping up nicely. It's helped us all get past Finchel and even make it through these Rachel Berry-free episodes with nary a batted eyelash. We're being led down new paths with Ryder discovering his dyslexia, baby Puck struggling as a kid who's half white/half black and wholly unable to fit in any one world, and Marley flirting with bulimia. Season four of Glee is reminiscent of the show we all fell in love with.

But the death of Klaine might have been the hardest for Gleeks to take, and letting Blaine go bye bye would have been a big mistake. He is our only remaining link to Kurt, who has even less screen time than Rachel these days. As much as we love the story lines, we love the original characters too. And the new characters, bless their adorable hearts, aren't ready to fill shoes that big.

Thank you, Ryan Murphy and crew for keeping Blaine Warbler where he belongs!

Would you watch Glee if Blaine left? What did you think of the Thanksgiving episode?



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