'Walking Dead': Spoilers & Hints For the Next 2 Episodes (VIDEO)

The bad news, zombie fans, is that this Sunday's Walking Dead will be the second-to-last episode before the show goes on break until February. The good news is that the next two upcoming shows look like they're going to be nail-biters -- plenty of carnage is on the way, and lives are going to be on the line once again.

If you'd like to avoid any and all potential Walking Dead spoilers, here's your chance to jump ship. Otherwise, follow me past the jump to see a sneak peek video at next week's show, and get the latest scoop on what we can expect during episodes 7 and 8.


First, a follow-up on the widespread rumor that we'd be seeing the popular comics character Tyreese join the show soon -- this has been officially confirmed, so expect to see actor Chad Coleman join the cast on the December 2 midseason finale.

As for what's going down during this Sunday's episode, here's the video teaser from AMC:

Ooh, it looks like Glenn and Maggie are going to be enduring some majorly unpleasant things in Woodbury. I'm guessing our growing affection for Merle will be snuffed out during that interrogation scene, don't you? And what's up with that glimpse at what appears to be the Governor pushing Andrea away -- is he finally sick of her Patented Flirty Face?

We're all probably hoping to see a tender reunion between Carol and Daryl, but according to executive producer Robert Kirkman, Carol's newfound status as not-a-zombie won't be celebrated for long:

This is a win and this is definitely something that they needed. Now that she's back in the mix, it's going to be time for rejoicing but again this happens at a time when Maggie and Glenn have been taken and Michonne is being brought into the mix and things are getting that much more dangerous and that much more interesting. You can only celebrate so much.

If you want one more maddening tease about what to expect this Sunday, look no further than this Twitter exchange between a fan and showrunner Glen Mazzara. When asked if the episode would be as exciting as it looks, Mazarra responded,

It's one of my favorite @WalkingDead_AMC episodes EVER.

As for the overall vibe of what we'll see before the show goes on break, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) says THERE WILL BE BLOOD:

Things are not going to a very good place. The group at Woodbury will collide with the group at the prison, and what makes us human is going to be tested. Every time we think we know what we're doing, we realize there aren't any rules. You are definitely going to see some major losses, if you can believe it. Some huge lives are going to be thrown into question.

And finally, Kirkman says the midseason finale is going to kick ass ... and drive us more than a little crazy:

It’s definitely going to be something that will make you hate the winter and be dying for the second act of the season to start, which is a fun process that I think adds to the anticipation and excitement of the show. I don’t want to spoil anything or promise too much, but I’m very proud of the episode and I think people are really going to dig it.

Are you looking forward to the next two episodes? How much is it going to suck to wait until February to see what happens??

Image via AMC

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