The 'Breaking Dawn' Battle Scene Converted Me From a 'Twilight' Hater

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Last night I saw my first-ever Twilight movie. Yup, me, the Twilight virgin, finally caved and checked out Breaking Dawn Part 2. Here's the thing: I just have never been crazy into the whole vampire thing. It sucks, too, because there are some super hunky actor vampires out there, namely Ian Somerhalder and Mr. Robert Pattinson himself.

I had a few thoughts of what I'd be getting into at the theater. To be real, I didn't think the acting would be that good, I hoped to see Taylor Lautner with his shirt off, and after reading through some of the spoilers, I expected to do a whole lot of "awww"-ing.

What I got, though, wasn't what I really expected at all. Primarily the battle scene. The hardcore battle scene. The battle scene that I had no clue was even going to happen. All 27 minutes intense minutes of it that transformed me from anti-Twilight to, well, not so anti-Twilight.



Before we really get started here, I just want to say for the record that I only glazed over spoilers and never really read anything that gave away the plot of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

The effects in the battle scene were pretty damn good, and there were a whole slew of times that I wanted to go and cover my eyes, scared to see someone else's head get ripped off or attacked.

What struck me the most, though, was the way that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really came alive (figuratively speaking, of course) in the heat of combat. To see Kristen with such crazy expressions on her face, I was surprised how much I really believed her maternal instincts when it came to protecting Renesmee

As for RPattz, well, he looks hella good flying 30 feet through the air. Granted I have no clue how Hollywood works their magic, but it was just about as believable as a high-intense battle could be. And oh god! I was so nervous when I thought he was going to fall to his doom. No! Not that beautiful face!

Was I bummed that the action wasn't "really happening"? Yeah, of course. But hey, that's what movies do. Do I think I'll backtrack and watch all the other twilight movies? Eh, maybe one day. For now, though, it's kind of cool to finally know what the buzz is about.

What did you think of the battle scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2? Have you seen all of the Twilight movies?


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