Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Real 'Engagement' Details Revealed

kourtney kardashian scott disickReality TV addicts, don't get too excited, cuz another Kardashian wedding isn't in the works. After being on and off for years and having kiddos Mason and Penelope together, Star magazine reported that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick got engaged. They claimed Scott popped the Q while he and Kourt were spending time in Paris last week. Nonetheless, E! is now setting the record straight: Although the two had a romantic vacation in Paris, a Kardashian family source confirmed to E! News that the longtime couple are not engaged.

Who knows, though? Maybe they're just trying to keep it a secret, so it's even bigger news when the proposal airs on the show? Anything's possible in Kardashian World. But either way, engagement or not, sounds like Kourt and Scott are happier than ever -- which is sure to set off the haters ... 


After all, Scott hasn't exactly been the most upstanding boyfriend and father over the years. There was even some buzz a couple of months back that he might have been doing drugs and Kourtney was threatening to leave him. We've seen them butt heads -- from endless bickering to engaging in full-on war -- over and over again on countless reality shows, and sometimes, it looks like Kourtney doesn't even like Scott! So it's no wonder plenty of fans have grown to loathe him and want nothing more than for Kourtney to call it quits.

But, I gotta play devil's Scott's advocate here for a sec. Being that reality TV is anything but "real," we don't actually know what goes on off-camera between these two. But they must have something legit and blissful between them, or else how would they have made it this long, have two children, be taking romantic family vacations in Paris? Ooookay, I may be naive ... Maybe what they really share is a co-dependent bond or it's all for show. But who cares?

At this point, haters have no choice. We've all gotta face the facts. Engagement or not, Kourtney has made her decision to stick by Scott's side for better or worse. Being that they're the parents of two kids who seem to be making it work through thick and thin, we should only be wishing them even more happiness, luck, and love.

Do you like Kourtney and Scott together? Do you think they should get married?

Image via Brian Prahl/Splash News

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