Jennifer Aniston Wants to Invite Brad & Angie to Her Wedding -- Say WHAT?!

jennifer anistonHoly hot dogs, now I've heard everything. British magazine Grazia is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are planning to invite Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to their upcoming wedding. They saaaay that Justin and Jen don't want no mo' drama in their lives and decided to extend the olive branch. Jen still talks to Brad, and Justin likes the guy, so they want to invite him, which means yada yada yada inviting Angelina itself, so they're game.


First of all, if Angelina gets to go, I feel like I should get to go. And secondly, if this bizarre foursome gets together, will this be the death of print media as we know it?

It all started when Jen and Brad divorced. I was in college, and I was picking up my friend from the train station in Boston when I heard, nay, felt the news. My friend, whom I didn't see approach my car, slammed the Us Weekly cover story on my windshield, and let out a bellow from her soul. I almost fainted from fright, then again from the overwhelmingly terrible news. I was like a southern, antebellum lady about town who'd just heard that those damn Yankees might be up to somethin' real bad, and I wanted to collapse in despair. That, and my corset was really tight.

Since then, the tabloids haven't let us forget that Jen and Brad are divorced, that Angie stole Brad, that Jen hates Angie, that Brad wants Jen back, and that Jen wants a baby. This quarrelsome threesome must have provided such a boon to print publications that thrive on such excitement, real or fiction. Think about all the money they made off these three!

But if Jen and Justin have Brad and Angie at their wedding -- what feud will there be to cover? What cat fight stories would there be left to tell? Where would the drama be?

I don't know, this wedding could be the end of print as we know it. Or, hmm, it could be the beginning of a decade-long tale of how Angelina tried to steal Jen's spotlight on her wedding day. Beych.

Do you think Jen and Justin should invite Brad and Angelina? Good talk.


Photo via David Livingston/Getty

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