Sandra Bullock’s Cheating Ex Jesse James Is Engaged Again & He Will Never Change

I don't know who Alexis DeJoria is, but apparently she likes a challenge. Not only is she a car racer, but she's engaged to Outlaw Garage star Jesse James, who used to be married to Sandra Bullock, who kicked him to the curb pronto-like when she discovered he'd been serially cheating on her. James then went on to multiple cheat (because he does everything full on!) with his next girlfriend, Kat Von D. This is a guy who likes being married and engaged -- he did the first three times and the second five times -- and he likes cheating. What can go wrong?


James was married to Sandra for five years until his secret life as a multiple cheater was exposed. Sandra right-quick divorced him. Just as right-quick, James hooked up with Kat Von D, a tattoo artist and star of L.A. Ink. Soon enough, however, Kat got the Sandra treatment, and accused Jesse of cheating on her with no less than 19 women. Nineteen!!! They weren't even together that long. And I imagine there were a few she didn't know about.

So who is this Alexis DeJoria? For one, she's a race car driver. For two, she looks kind of like Sandra and Kat. Well, at least they are all brunette. For three, I'm guessing either Alexis thinks Jesse has changed (same mistake Kat made) or ... she's fine with him dabbling around with other ladies. There are all types of relationships in this world.

DeJoria is 35 and has a 9-year-old daughter, Isabella. And the most shocking part of all of this? Apparently Alexis and Jesse have only been dating a month. Normally this would be some cause for alarm -- but in this case, Alexis must know everything bad there already is to know about Jesse. Unless she can't read.

You have to wonder if maybe Alexis has her doubts about Jesse though. I mean, look at this retweet of hers:


Sounds kind of like she knows what she's in for? Oh wait, maybe she thinks the "wrong" relationships are behind her and the "right" one is Jesse. Which would be scary. But as a race car driver, Alexis must be used to fear.

What do you think of Alexis and Jesse's engagement?


Image via Discovery Channel

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