Senior Citizens Perform World’s Cutest 'Call Me Maybe' Yet (VIDEO)

call me maybeI knooowwww. Enough with "Call Me Maybe" already, right? I'm with you. I was done when the U.S. Olympic Swim Team did their rendition. And truth be told, I haven't watched another version since. Until today. I don't know what possessed me to click on yet another video of this seriously-run-its-course song (the subject line in my email that read: "Seriously, this is the cutest thing ever!" didn't hurt). But I'm glad I did. These senior citizens at Waverley Mansion retirement home are seriously the cutest things ever. Watch this. Now! Do it or we're in a fight!



Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I mean, come on. And I love how it's barely edited at all. Just a bunch of super old people trying to lip sync to Carly Rae Jepsen. Adorable. Oh, and I also love how in the comments section on the YouTube posting, someone asked Sarah Urquhart, the uploader and editor, to do more videos, and she replied: "YES! Get ready for our Christmas number in December...and I am working a few ways to do Gangnam style :)" Love!

Okay, but seriously everyone, now can we get a new song?

How g.d. cute is this? Are you over this song already?


Image via Sarah Urquhart/YouTube

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