Kristen Stewart as a Bond Girl Would Be Unbearably Awkward (VIDEO)

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When Ben Lyons asked Kristen Stewart at the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II if she'd ever want to be a Bond girl, KStew seemed surprisingly prepared for that question, a fact which I find both startling and alarming. Has she gotten this question before? Are people really asking her if she'd like to be a Bond girl as if we live in a universe where that's actually a possibility? Because we don't. We do not live in a world where awks old KStew could incite international intrigue, let alone convincingly walk into a room and act like she owns it.


Bond girls are sexy, confident, powerful, and intelligent women. Kristen plays with her hair, bites her lower lip, looks at the ground, and generally acts like she can't stand to be in her own skin. I'm not seeing the overlap.

Kristen does her best to give Ben an actressly answer, saying she'd love to read a Bond script, that she'd really have to connect to the material if she were to consider the role, that she'd like to hold a gun, etc. Granted, Kristen actually said all this a little tongue in cheek after Ben pointed out she was giving the classic Hollywood run-around, but STILL. WHY ARE PEOPLE ASKING HER IF SHE WANTS TO PLAY A BOND GIRL.

Ask her if she wants to play a wallflower teen in some new movie, or see if she'd be interested in starring in a film where the shy protagonist gets the guy, or hell, you can even push the boundaries a little and wonder if Kristen would consider a role as a transgender Cuban trying to row a boat to Miami in the '60s, but please, let's not go crazy and push KStew to be a Bond girl.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Do you think Kristen Stewart would make a good Bond girl?

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