Kate Middleton Is Pregnant According to Blabbermouth Old Friend

It's hard to tell who gets pregnant more -- Jennifer Aniston or Kate Middleton. We had our latest Jennifer Aniston preggo rumor a couple of weeks ago, so now it's Kate's turn. But this time, just like with Jen's rumor, things are a tad different. Normally, we hear that Kate's got a little royal in the oven from some unnamed insidery source, i.e., who the hell knows who. This time, however, we know who. It's a woman named Jessica Hay, who claims to be a close friend of Kate's. Jessica told an Australian tabloid:

They’re planning to make an announcement in December. William and Kate are focused on starting a family.

And that's not the end of this friend's blabby ways.


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Jessica, who has reportedly known Kate since they were 14 and at school together, is the one who also told the media that Kate was bullied at school. There are even pics of Kate and Jessica together. And back in 2010, Jessica said she knew about Kate's engagement before anyone else. She'd also apparently already pissed off the Royals by claiming that Kate had a poster of William on her wall while at school.

About Kate's supposed pregnancy, Jessica told New Idea:

It seems very traditional, but of course they’ll be happy with boys or two girls, they don’t want more. They’ve discussed it endlessly and don’t want to be older parents.

So would Kate really tell this blabbermouth friend about her pregnancy? Seems kind of unlikely. On the other hand, why would Jessica sell a bald-faced lie about Kate being pregnant, knowing that could be the end of her as a go-to source for the tabloids?

Maybe she's just hoping that it is true? Maybe she heard it from someone else? Maybe Kate really is truly naive and told her friend anyway, despite her history of gossiping to the tabs? And maybe Jessica is just totally unhinged and will say anything to get attention and a bit of cash?

I guess we'll all find out in December! Meanwhile, you can debate about whether or not these pictures show a "pregnant" Kate, since some people decided she'd clearly gained a bit of weight in them. Maybe she ate a pea!

Do you think Kate is pregnant?

Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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