Paul Rudd Play Gets a Truly Vomit-Inducing Bonus Act

theaterYou know how when something is really off-putting, you -- or people less eloquent than you -- will say: "This makes me wanna puke"? Or "Ugh, I'm going to barf"? Or "I just threw up a little in mouth"? Well, that really happened. At a Paul Rudd play called Grace. A theatergoer vomited from the balcony onto the people sitting in the prime orchestra seats below. I mean, it's Broadway and all, but this is a tad dramatic. If you don't like the show, just get up and leave.


Gabe Alfassy, who was at the play and saw the incident take place, gave an eyewitness account of what happened to New York Magazine. The vomiter appeared to be an elderly man, and possibly drunk. Alfassy stated: "[The man] fell forward so that he was leaning/hanging over the balcony. Then as people were trying to get him back up and into his seat, he threw up all over the people below him in the orchestra and then collapsed on the floor of the balcony. A group of about 20 formed around where he was, and everyone in the theater was looking back at the commotion ... The stench of the vomit was a little overwhelming, and many people were noticeably uncomfortable, and of course everyone who was vomited on left.

There are conflicting reports out there as to whether or not the man was actually drunk or not. (Hopefully he was, and he's not some poor old dude who was seriously sick.) Apparently 911 was called, and the man was eventually able to get up and return to his seat. Also, the actors, true thespians that they are, were aware that there was some sort of commotion going on in the audience, but were able to forge ahead with the play.

All I can say is: Only in New York. You think you're going out for a civilized night at the theater and you go and get barfed on. This city, man. Hopefully, the man responsible for the over-the-balcony vomiting is okay -- and hopefully the victims were reimbursed.

Have you ever been vomited on?

Image via Foxtongue/Flickr

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