'Sister Wives' Season 3B Premiere Recap: Let's All Cry About Money & Babies (VIDEO)

sister wives 3b premiereSo, I know this is kind of confusing, but tonight was the season 3 premiere of Sister Wives. Huh? Didn't we already see season 3 of Sister Wives? Well, sort of -- just not the whole thing. Hence this evening's Sister Wives season 3B premiere. Which, so far, isn't all that different from season 3A: Lots of blonde women and children on a couch (plus one brunette and one blonde guy on a couch), crying and stressing and sobbing and wringing their hands about money and babies and relationships and how in the holy heck Kody is supposed to maintain his surfer dude hair what with all the crying and stressing and babies and blah, blah, blah.

That said, there were a few new (highly dramatic) developments tonight ...


Ready for the highlights? Okay, here goes ...

Christine (and Janelle) seem even more frustrated/ready to call it a day than ever before. (Can we blame Robyn? Yes.)

The kids are only sort of all right. ('Specially Madison, who big time misses Utah and never, ever wants to "share her husband.")

Robyn's credit isn't that bad after all! (One less thing to throw in her face, Christine and Janelle.) So apparently a Brown family compound is in the works, for real.

Mariah really, really, really wants her mom (Meri) to have another baby (via Robyn's surrogacy offer). She really does.

The wives are apparently launching some sort of fashion-based website. Which Kody, for the record, doesn't feel comfortable promoting, because he feels like a "boy toy."

Oh, Kody. You so ... crazy. (Seriously. I'm not being glib. You. So. Crazy.)

Did you watch tonight's Season 3B premiere of Sister Wives? What did you think?

Image via TLC

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